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Rent rooms in shared flats in Barcelona. Fully furnished and equipped flats with Wi-Fi Internet.

For students, professors and researchers at universities. Erasmus, Masters, Doctorates, Postgraduates, Internships, Researchers…


Complete and send the request for information form which certifies you as a student.

Visit the rooms or book directly

From the list of rooms available select those that best suit your needs and inquire with us about days and times for a visit or how to book directly.

To reserve

To complete the reservation for a room in a shared flat:

- Pay the fee of 200 € (VAT included) directly to the Habitatge Jove office or have the money available in your bank account that you provide.

- Scan the following documents and send to

  • Photocopy of passport, identification card or DNI.
  • Documentation issued by the university, school, or company stating the duration and purpose of your stay in Barcelona.

The contract

User contract for a room in a shared flat with other students.

The contract will vary depending on the period of stay required by the student.

Signing the contract

- A date and time will be agreed upon to sign the contract at the Habitatge Jove office.

- Payment in cash to the owner of the property in the following amounts:

  • The deposit: 1 month of rent and 1 month of funds for the consumption of utilities (gas, electricity, and water). The deposit must be made at the time of the finalization of the contract.
  • The rent for the current month (depending on whether the contract begins before or on the 20th of the month).
  • The fixed monthly fee of 68 € (VAT included) which includes the cost of water, gas, electricity, Wi Fi Internet and the cleaning of common areas.

Other procedures

- Renewal of contract:In case you would like to extend the contract, the amount paid is the following:

1 month 55 €/person (VAT included)
2 months 75 €/person (VAT included)
3 months or more 155 € /person (VAT included)

Visa: In the case that you have a document that is pending a request for accommodation with us, the cost will be 100 € (VAT included) and 30 € (VAT included) extra for processing by conventional mail.

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