General conditions
Student Apartments


This is a temporary rental service for flats, apartments and studios for university students and researchers in Barcelona. Erasmus, Masters, Doctorates, Postgraduates, Internships, Internationals, …

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Complete and send the request for information form which certifies you as student in Barcelona.

Visit the flats, apartments or studios

From the list of flats available select those that best suit your needs and inquire with us about days and times for a visit.


To complete the reservation of a flat, apartment or studio:

  • Pay the fee in cash or bank transfer to Habitatge Jove account.
    • 3 months contract or more: 350,00 €/person (VAT included) in apartments of 3 or more people.
    • 3 months contract or more: 450,00 €/person (VAT included) in 2 person apartments.
    • Apartments for a single person the agency fee are 70% one monthly rent (VAT NOT included).
    • For stays of less than three months contact with the agency.
  • Scan the following documents and send an email to Habitatge Jove:
    • Passport, NIE if available or identity card.
    • Documentation issued by the university, school, or company stating the duration and purpose of your stay in Barcelona.

The contract

Temporal agreement (Applicable Law LAU of November 24, 1994, and additionally by the provisions of the current Civil Code).

The duration of the contract will vary according to the period of stay required by the student.

Signing the contract

A date and time will be agreed upon to sign the contract at the Habitatge Jove office.

Payment in cash or bank transfer to the owner of the property in the following amounts:

  • The deposit: 2 months rent for contracts up to 12 months. For contracts below 12 months the proportional and/or agreed amount. The deposit must be paid upon completion of the contract (according to establish the law).
  • The rent for the current month.
  • The provision of funds for the consumption of supplies (gas, electricity and water). This provision will be paid upon completion of the contract.
  • To pay in cash in the office the ITP tax model 600.

Other procedures

Renewal of contract: In case you would like to extend the contract, the amount paid is the following:

  • 1 month: 85,00 € /person (VAT included)
  • 2 months: 106,00 € /person (VAT included)
  • 3 months or more: 250,00 € /person (VAT included)